General Information about Lioresal

Lioresal BaclofenLioresal, otherwise known by its generic name baclofen, is a muscle relaxant designed to treat spasticity caused by spinal injury, multiple sclerosis or other forms of disease that affect the central nervous system. Spasticity is a condition in which a person's skeletal muscles suffer from hypertonia, also referred to as extreme tightness, stiffness and rigidity of muscles caused by muscle spasms. Lioresal reduces the severity of spasms, effectively relieving all of the follow-up symptoms. The results from using Lioresal can be felt at the very first stages of treatment, but these beneficial effects last only for a limited amount of time, meaning that you will need to take several doses of Lioresal a day to fully control the symptoms.

Note that Lioresal does not actually "treat" the cause of the disease; it merely relieves the acute symptoms that make it very hard to apply other forms of treatment, such as physical exercise or manual therapy. Your doctor can describe in detail what kind of actual treatment may be performed while using the benefits of Lioresal. Most patients tolerate the treatment with this drug reasonably well, even with high daily dosage amounts. One of the few downsides to this drug is the need to frequently alter the dosage until the desired effects are reached, inciting some people to buy Lioresal online to compensate for the sudden increase in pill expenditure. Also, there are several precautions that require additional attention if you were to select this drug as means of your symptom relief, which we will review further on this page.

Lioresal Medical Details

The active ingredient in Lioresal is baclofen, a medical substance very similar in chemical structure to gamma-aminobutyric acid. The exact mechanism of action of baclofen is not fully understood, but several studies indicate that it has direct correlation with nerve signal inhibition. A drug of this type directly influences the central nervous system, and in particular - the region in and around the spinal cord to limit the intensity of nerve signals that would otherwise signal the skeletal muscles to exceedingly contract, causing various unpleasant symptoms. Of course, the origin and nature of nerve signals is different for every type of disease or spinal cord injury, making it hard to find direct connection as to how exactly baclofen could help with all of these conditions. It is however a proven fact that this substance significantly reduces muscle tension, even if its pharmacologic action is not exactly known. Although, due to the way this substance is metabolized, and considering the results of a number of medical trials it is possible to deduce several basic precautions that may make it dangerous to buy baclofen online and use it before considering the possible adverse reactions involved in such abrupt treatment.

These precautions include:

  • Do not use Lioresal if you are allergic to baclofen or to any other ingredient within the drug;
  • It is not advised to use Lioresal if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant in the near future, or are breastfeeding;
  • Certain types of drugs including sleeping pills, seizure medication, and other types of muscle relaxants may interfere with the treatment with Lioresal, potentially causing dangerous drug interactions;

Use Lioresal with caution if you have any of the following:

  • Epilepsy, history of seizures;
  • Kidney or liver disease;
  • A history of heart problems or stroke;
  • Stomach ulcers or other type of gastrointestinal disorder;
  • Mental illness or psychiatric condition of any kind;
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • Cerebral palsy.

Recommended Dosage of Lioresal

The appropriate amounts of Lioresal to be taken vary greatly from one patient to another; this type of treatment has to be done in perfect accordance with the recommendations given by your healthcare provider. Any type of dosage adjustment should be done only if you fully understand the schedule at which such an adjustment should be made. Usually, in order to minimize the risks you will be advised to start with the lowest possible dosage: 5mg three times per day, which is commonly the standard choice if you are looking to buy Lioresal online. Starting from this point, the dose should gradually increase over time until you reach the point when your symptoms subside completely but no adverse side effects are present. The dosage should be increased by 5mg per single dose, on every 4th day starting the beginning of treatment.

Following is an example that pictures such a schedule if the first set of pills is taken on Monday:

  • Monday through Wednesday: 5mg single dose, taken three times per day;
  • Thursday through Saturday: 10mg single dose, taken three times per day;
  • Sunday through Tuesday: 15mg single dose, taken three times per day;

The maximum dose should not exceed 20mg in a single dose if taken four times per day. Naturally, if the desired effects can be achieved at a lower dosage, if no significant improvements were made with the higher amounts, the lowest effective dosage should be preferred to avoid triggering any potential side effects. Note that if you are required to reduce your current dosage, you may need to acquire a different formulation of this drug, whether to buy baclofen online or purchase it at a local store via normal prescription. You should not split or otherwise divide the pills of higher concentration into smaller pieces in an attempts to reach the desired amounts of baclofen per dose - taking such "pills" will greatly increase the risk of potential side effects that are not usually included in the caution list, such as problems with the esophagus.

Lioresal Safety Information

Although Lioresal is designed as a drug to safely commence the treatment of symptoms over extended periods of time, certain side effects can still present themselves under certain circumstances.

Normally, these side effects are episodic - they should subside in a short time after being noticed:

  • Dizziness, drowsiness, minute episodes of confusion;
  • Weakness, lack of energy, loss of appetite;
  • Upset stomach, constipation.

However, persistent dizziness and muscle weakness may sometimes be present, which is usually the sign of a need to further adjust the dosage of Lioresal. Finding the exact dosage amounts for this drug can prove to be a difficult task, but in order to facilitate as much comfort as possible during the treatment, you should frequently contact your doctor if you are having any troubles with side effects or adverse reactions.

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